Neuromancer - A Hack into My Mind


Monday, October 31, 2005

C:/neuromancer/mind.exe - And so it begins...

Here I am at the dawn of a new age, about to reveal my strange and sordid tales upon the denizens of the Internet. This may start out slowly but it will accelerate into an exciting rollercoaster ride of me moaning about how life sucks, how much I hate Windows, how many times I can fart after eating veggie pizza and maybe some intelligent posts.

Everyone who is reading this blog (all 4 of them) is just clamoring to find out the answer to the most important question mankind has ever asked.

What the hell is your blog about?

The answer? I have no clue, we will see what happens won't we? Man this is exciting, don't ya think? Hey guys, yeah all four of you, you can go now, yeah I'm done for the day. Thanks, see you tomorrow.


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