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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dead or Alive Your Coming With Me!

The 1981 movie "Robocop" seems to be making a come back, at least in the collectible market. It seems there are many die-hard Robocop fans left, I think they all pretend the horrible series and Robocop 3 never happened; smart move.
McFarlane Toys known for their Movie Maniacs series, spawning (oh I crack myself up) figures from movies such as Alien, Predator, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Terminator and many more recently released their 12 inch battle damaged Robocop.
After the success of Movie Maniacs 8 smaller 6 inch Robocop, it was inevitable they would release a 12 inch figure.

I got my hands on one last weekend and I must say it was worth the long wait. The sculpt and paint are what you come to expect from McFarlane, pretty much flawless. The battle damage is well done and the figure unlike many of their recent offerings is well articulated. If you don't like the battle damaged look, NECA have also released an 18 inch Robocop. He is huge, but the paint job isn't as good as the McFarlane one although it does have a sound chip.

This is a must buy for Robocop fans or anyone who has a thing for Peter Weller complete with robo cod-piece.


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