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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ebay Insanity

First we had the "toasted cheese sandwich" apparently depicting the Virgin Mary, then the guy selling his "lucky toenail" with one bidder asking if they can have his whole toe. I have seen haunted objects, such as a cane and even a haunted Alien vs Predator figure that moves on it's own.

And now we have the $1000 Xbox 360

Are people really that desperate to have something before anyone else that they will pay more than double for it? A better question would be, how the heck did he get one 3 weeks before it comes out? Microsoft might be visiting this guy to find out where he got an Xbox 360, someone is going to lose their job today.

More importantly though, I wonder if I can get $1000 for my haunted, moving, toasted, nostril hair, that if you look under the right light looks like the Virgin Mary.


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