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Sunday, November 06, 2005


If you have never heard of the term "Podcast" here is a explanation for you before I start pimping the ones I listen to. A podcast is a free downloadable audio program, think of it like a radio show. Internet audio has existed for years however podcasts are different because you subscribe (for free) to a podcast and when you go online your podcast software will automatically download the latest episode. Which you can then send to your MP3 player, it doesn't have to be an Apple iPod.

Podcasts can be obtained using a number of different programs for all platforms, do a google search and you will find many. The most popular are the original iPodder and Apple iTunes who pretty much stole the idea.

I subscribe to a number of podcasts made by ex-TechTV employees from before comcast ruined it.

This Week in Tech - Tech news, reviews and discussion by Leo LaPorte, Patrick Norton, John C. Dvorak and many others, they also have lots of guests.

Security Now - Computer security discussion by Leo LaPorte and Steve Gibson.

Diggnation - The top stories from the social bookmarking website and beer. Hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.

Podcasts are great, there are thousands available on every topic you can think of. Go try them out, you don't even need an MP3 player.


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