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Monday, January 02, 2006

First Post of 2006!!

I haven't updated my blog in a while due to being busy at work and college in the run up to Christmas. The weekend before college finals I had to attend a weekend camp for work, then my finals kicked in and everything else was put on hold. But I am back with a vengence.

I had a good Christmas, I got some useful stuff for a change. A new jacket, boots, hat, gloves, which I really needed, especially the boots. My birthday was on the 14th of December and I got some games for my Nintendo DS. So I have plenty to do until college starts again next week.

I got my girlfriend the two Inuyasha movies she was missing and finally the Demon Inuyasha figure, she has him in all three forms now.

I hope everyone who reads this (yup all 3 of you) had a great Christmas and New Year!!!

Oh and a note for a friend of mine, you know who you are. Yes Dog's wife's breasts are lethal weapons!


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