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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Luxuriousity on Ebay

Luxuriosity is also selling free open source software on CD on Ebay.
For a price of course.

Some people on Ebay have figured out that the software is actually free and have left negative feedback, such as this:

RIPOFF! Software is FREE from maufacturer, Compiere, Inc. Check thier Web site

Reply by inexpensivecds: Customer is confused. Luxuriousity distributes and supports many CRM ERP POS

Nice customer support, you complain and apparantly your "confused" about the fact that you just got ripped off.
A news story about this rip off.

UPDATE: The open source software community have jumped upon this story and since then the Luxuriousity website has been down. My blog actually made the first page of the MSN search engine when you search for Luxuriousity, which was cool.

Luxuriousity now links to the Free Software Foundations donation page. Has the owner of Luxuriousity realised the error of his ways. I hope so.


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