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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My New favorite Browser

Thanks to Digg I discovered my new favorite web browser. Shiira is an open source Mac only web browser designed very much to be a competitor to Mozilla's Firefox, I have been using it since yesterday and I love it. It's available for free download from Shiira
I dare say it's faster than Firefox and has many features not available in any other browser on the Mac. It uses Core Image to give us OSX Tiger users a nice "page turning" effect when you navigate forwards or backwards. It seamlessly integrates your Safari and Firefox bookmarks into it's own, which I appreciated very much. It has a sidebar which gives you access to your bookmarks, history, downloads, RSS feeds and more.

Shiira also has a feature called "Tab Expose", when you press F8 all open tabs are displayed on the screen in the same way applications are when you call Expose on OSX. This feature I find very useful. Shiira is at version 1.2.1 and still has a few bugs. It quit on me twice yesterday, however I find it a great alternative to Firefox.

Mac users check it out!


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