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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Open Source Software Scam

Here it is my first rant of the year, I honestly hope this gets the attention of Luxuriousity, a so called "software distributor". With the following statement who wouldn't buy their products: "NO SOFTWARE BRAND IS MORE POWERFUL & COMPATIBLE THAN LUXURIOUSITY!"

Sounds great huh? Actually no, this company is offering to sell you an instant download to free open source software. That's right the software they charge money to download is offered online straight from the programmers at no charge to you.

Luxuriousity's 5 office programs are all in fact OpenOffice, the free open source office suite available for Windows, Mac and Linux (and is very good!). Available for free download here.
Luxuriousity charges $12 - $30 for this free program and gives no credit to it's original creators.

Next up is Luxuriousity's photo program, which is the open source Photoshop competitor called The Gimp, available for Windows, Mac and Linux and is available for free download here. Yet another awesome piece of open source software made by some very hard working people being sold for up to $30 at Luxuriousity with no credit to it's creators.

Luxuriousity's sound editor is Audacity, available for free download here. Yet it's as much as $30 from Luxuriousity. And finally Luxuriousity's media player looks like the Video Lan Client or VLC, again free and available here.

Now they don't actually say they made this software, which of course they didn't, however they are charging up to $30 for open source software which is available to anyone for free. However he has recompiled them and REMOVED functionality, making them inferior to the original free software.

I love this line: "When you make a purchase from Luxuriousity, you can be assured you are receiving the highest quality software and the best possible prices."

Hey buddy, do you know what the best possible price for OpenOffice, The Gimp, Audacity and VLC is? FREE

In the case of Luxuriousity. FREE software is BETTER than their recompiled pay versions of the same free software. I hope someone takes this so called "company" to the cleaners and back.


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