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Monday, May 08, 2006

History Repeating?

For all of you old enough to remember that weird gaming period in the mid to late 90's, this is for us. Is it about to be repeated?

1991 - Philips CD-i. Started off life as a player of different media, ended up attempting to become a console. Sold for $400, sold 500,000 units. Had four different hardware versions during it's short life. Philips never entered console gaming again.

1993 - Panasonic 3DO. Technically much more advanced than the current console leaders, the SNES and Genesis. However it was $700 at launch. Sold 6 million units. Was made for two years and production ceased. The 3DO company liquidated it's assets in 2003.

1993 - Atari Jaguar. The first 64-bit console, again more technically advanced than the SNES and Genesis. Sold for $249.99, sold 2.3 million units. The last blow that killed Atari.

1996 - NeoGeo CD - Sold for $300, no official number of sales for US territories. Was totally forgotten about in the wake of the PS and Saturn.

Edit: Genesis and SNES lead in sales for the entire period. SNES 49 million units. Genesis 35 million units.

The 16-bit era held on for so long because for four years the next generation of consoles were overpriced and unappealing. Look at the current market. The PS2, Gamecube and Xbox still sell very well, the Nintendo DS is massively outselling the PSP.

2005 - Xbox 360. Sold for $300 - $400, sold 3.2 million units to date.

2006 - Playstation 3. Sold for $500 - $600.

2006 - Nintendo Wii. Sold for $150 - $200 (projected price). Oddly enough around the same as the SNES at Genesis at launch.

Are the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 the next 3DO and Jaguar?? In 1993 people were not willing to pay $400+ for a console and I honestly don't think that has changed. I guess we will see.

Thanks for reading :-p

All numbers found in the Wikipedia.


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