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Monday, May 08, 2006

Pre-E3 Sony PS3 Announcement

Sony are taking a very strange direction. Two packs at two prices, okay not so strange MS did it first with the 360. But have you seen the difference between the two? The basic one has no HDMI, according to Sony the Blueray standard can be locked to only play across an HDMI connection and it's up to the studios to do that or not. What if they do? Half the PS3's sold won't play Blueray, ooops Sony just handed their own ass to the HD-DVD camp. Not to mention sold you a console for $500 with a BD drive, which is what made said console so expensive that can't play BD movies. The basic one has no wireless connectivity built in and only a 20Gb HD. So you go and spend $600 to get a non-crippled console. With one pad and no game. Insane!!!

Oh the controller is a dual shock with no vibration since Sony got the crap sued outta them by Immersion Technology.

I don't see the 6-degrees of motion getting much use, honestly I don't see any innovation from the usual suspects of PS development teams.

Okay my rant is done.

Bring on the Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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